Test & Rates for 2019

In 2019, Rocky Mountain Motards is continuing with our pro-rated fee structure for Test & Tunes.  Rates will be set on the Friday before a Test & Tune, based on how many riders have pre-registered by Noon.  Pre-registered riders are required to pre-pay for the event, e-transfers are preferred.  Pre-payment must be received by treasurer@rockymountainmotards.com no later than 6pm on the day before the event.  

Riders who have not pre-registered are still welcome to show up at the track and ride, but the rates will not be lowered after Friday Noon.  So, please pre-register and pre-pay for Test & Tunes in order to help lower the rates for ALL riders!  As always, if rain forces us to cancel an event trackside, money will be returned.

Number of Pre-Paid Riders

Fee (Members)

Fee (Non-Members)

up to 9















30 & up